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Pocket Classics selling for almost twice as much at auctions than they cost new!

January 25, 2018


So this is a bit of a turn up for the books. On the 18th & 19th of January RM Sotheby's hosted an auction of high end classic cars in Arizona. And there were several Pocket Classics being sold by a US dealer in new condition. Nothing particularly surprising there.


What did surprise us was the price they went for. For example, a lovely Blue Cobra sold for $18,000 which is dead on the list price of a car.


More surprising was a Red GT which sold for $36,000 which is about 70% more than list price!


And finally, a British Racing Green Roadster went for a staggering $40,800 or 1.9x the new list price. 


This isn't the first time we've seen cars sell for more than they cost new - we spotted a Generation 1 300SL sell for double what the original owner paid for it a few years back, but this is the first time we've seen such an uplift on the Generation 2 cars. Either way, who thought a Pocket Classic could be fun and an investment at the same time!


And we have an identical ex-demonstrator car for sale at the moment. It's the very car that our Managing Director James Cooper used at his wedding. It's currently available for a much more reasonable £12,995 or $18,495 rather than the $40,800 it went for at auction!
If you're interested, please do drop James an email




For a full list of results take a look here.

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