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Swincar....a look behind the scenes of our new model launch

January 9, 2018

With the recent launch of our new model The Swincar Spider I thought I would share some of the work that goes into a launch behind the scenes:


Firstly, we have to invest in a demonstration model, have it delivered and work out the logistics of showing it to the public!


Secondly, we need high quality photographs both of the car in action and with a white back drop.


This involves a trip to a village hall in Suffolk to meet a very friendly photographer and an afternoon driving the Swincar being a test driver! I think we can all agree that the photo’s look great especially the ones without me in!


Backstage at the photoshoot:



Then we have to arrange a test drive day for journalists, we have been very lucky to develop a relationship with Quadrenalin, a quad biking and adventure centre just outside of Milton Keynes that is absolutely perfect for our needs.


A high quality track that demonstrates the adaptability and fun of the Swincar. Even though the Quadrenalin guys did not think the Swincar would make it around their track!


Needless to say they were shocked at the ease in which the Swincar handles the track to the point of saying there are parts of the track where a quad bike struggles but the Swincar shrugged it off and kept on smiling!



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