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The making of the Pocket Classics promo video: "A Summer Drive"

September 11, 2017

If you’re a regular follower of Pocket Classics, we hope you’ve seen our very high quality promo movie: “A Summer Drive” by the very talented Jason Wen. How it came about was actually a bit of blind luck.


Back in 2013 we were looking to create a video to give people a better idea of what the cars were like in the flesh. Most of our photos were taken in a studio, and it was sometimes hard to explain to potential customers how big the cars actually were.


Coincidentally as we were looking for a videographer to make a short film, Jason had come across Pocket Classics cars and wanted to film a piece  for his portfolio. Could we help out? We were delighted to say yes and invited him up to the family farm in Suffolk. It also coincided with a family birthday party, so we had a plethora of potential “models” offering to do the driving for the film, but in the end the dashing good looks of a good friend James Thomas won through, despite the fact he didn’t even have a driving licence back then.


As with all movie-making there was a little sleight of hand - the actual movie was stitched together from various camera shots at various points during the day. Some on rails, some static drive by shots and some action shots with Go-Pro cameras strapped to the car – most, but not all of which stayed on.


There was also a small incident of a drone (back in 2013, this was seriously high tech) accidentally getting stuck in a tree, but we’ll save Jason’s blushes on that one and not go into any detail. 


So if you haven’t seen the video, take a look below. And if you’re a filmmaker looking for an interesting subject to film, please feel free to get in touch!




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