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July 20, 2017


Today I got to experience life from a customer’s perspective: I had a car delivered in a box to my house!


Now this is not just any car this is a new model we are about to launch so whilst I cannot show you any pictures I would like to describe the process.


So, a rather large lorry arrives that has a tail-lift that the box (just!!) fits on, we man handle the box onto the tail lift and get it onto the ground.


From here we have to use a pallet truck to get the box onto my driveway and I start to inspect the box. It is immediately apparent that the box is pretty hard-core, the driver of the lorry says that his lorry will have been the 4th or 5th vehicle the box would have been on so needs to be extremely robust. For this I am very pleased as it means the contents are well protected, however it also means gaining entry to the box is going to be tough.


I start with a hammer, using the claw end and do not really get anywhere, I manage to remove 2 or 3 nails but there are a LOT more!


My neighbour comes home and suggests I try a miniature crowbar he has, this immediately does the trick and first the lid comes off, then the sides, then the ends of the box revealing the car in all its glory!


Now I have to work out how to dis-engage the parking brake so the car can be wheeled off the box, which takes a phone call to the manufacturer to find out, but once done it rolls off easily.


Before the car can be tried out I have to install the seat and steering wheel with bolts provided, I deploy my trusty socket and wrench set and BINGO the car is looking like a car…..5 wheels and somewhere for me to sit!


The car is electric and I have been told that it arrives fully charged, after sitting in the car pressing every button with nothing happening I resort to the instructions from the manufacturer. A switch needs to be activated and a handle turned to release energy from the battery to the car’s systems…..and with that I am bombing down my road…….silently of course as it is electric!


Whilst this was a painful experience for me, all this knowledge means that when our customers take delivery of their cars I will have produced some very clear instructions or be able to talk them through how to get going!


Please see future blogs for details of the car in question! We are very excited here at Pocket Classics HQ to be the UK distributor for this new model, details to follow soon!




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