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Simon Wittenberg: My first memories and love for ride-on cars

July 19, 2017

My love for small cars all started in the 1980s when I would peer out the window of my parents’ home in Luxembourg and see a child across the road drive an electric jeep-like model with a number plate matching that of his father’s BMW. Jealous? Of course! Ever since, I have always wanted to own one, but never really had the opportunity, so being a part of Pocket Classics is the next best thing to satisfy this penchant.      

Over the years, models in various guises have been shrunk in tribute to some of the greatest Ferraris, Porsches, Jaguars and Aston Martins, to name but a few. The husband of a good friend in Tasmania recently brought a bright red Mercedes SL back to life from the 1980s for his children, showing that some have really stood the test of time and some quite adverse weather in the middle of the Ocean!

Ride-on cars have clearly become more sophisticated over the years and with what can now be seen in the Pocket Classics line-up, there is plenty of choice and different options for personalisation and propulsion. They are made all over the world as far flung as Vietnam and China, and closer to home, there are more vintage-type models that are made in France. It’s an exciting sector of the automotive industry to be a part of as they have always caught the eye of the media and celebrities, and you never quite know which car is next to get the ‘mini’ treatment. However, from what we know at Pocket Classics, there are some additions in the pipeline which will no doubt be highly sought after and will no doubt turn out to be very collectable items.

So my lust to be an owner of one of these fabulous classics continues for the meantime, but for any petrolhead, this is a ‘must-have’ for any home-grown stable of supercars that I can’t recommend highly enough! 

By Simon, Pocket Classics PR guru

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