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Secret Squirrel: The Pocket Classics and One Direction (1D) story

June 28, 2017


One of the things we're very careful about at Pocket Classics is privacy. As you can imagine, we have some very famous customers and we never let on who they are. Those are our rules.


And as you can see, that's a rule we've just broken with the picture above of Liam Payne originally from One Direction, but with good reason. Let me explain....


The guys from One Direction got in touch when Pocket Classics was quite a young company. At the time we weren't very sure it was actually them (let's just say their emails aren't something as obvious as and it turned out they all loved the cars. In fact we only actually believed it was really them when the founder's "better half" bumped into them at a festival and said "I'm dating the guy behind Pocket Classics" and they went nuts about the cars.


Louis and Liam were the most keen and we kept in touch for a while, but their busy schedules meant they never had the chance to test drive the cars or see them in the flesh. But after about two years came the fateful call from one of Liam's "people" asking what we had in stock at the moment.


To cut a long story short, two weeks later we found ourselves carefully nudging a deep metallic blue Pocket Classic Cobra into a lift in one of London's most exclusive apartment buildings (no, we won't tell you where.....) to deliver a Cobra into pride of place in Liam's living room where he posed for the photo above. For safety's sake we did disconnect the engine, just in case he decided to go for a late night spin around the apartment. 


So why can we tell you all this? Well Liam was so happy with his purchase that he tweeted the photo above, and when asked on Radio 1 back in 2014 what was the biggest present he had bought himself to celebrate his fame, he answered his Pocket Classic.


So there you go, that's why we can tell you his story. 


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