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How To Modify Your Very Own Miniature Racing Car with Pocket Classics

May 27, 2017


Due to customer feedback we decided to explore the possibility of modifying the Racer, the result as shown below is the Racer XL.


For a very small investment we have been able to modify the cockpit to make entry and exit easier, in essence the Racer now passes the twenty second test: you can get in and out of the vehicle in twenty seconds flat.


Initially we cut a flap in the cockpit, then added two hinges towards the nose made from aluminium; they provide the pivot point. Then we added a catch that folds out to hold the cockpit up, creating the space needed to exit the vehicle easily and safely. We then added two straps on either side that attach to the main body of the car with Velcro to keep the entry hatch secure when the car is in motion.


The car was resprayed in Ferrari red and we are adding a rear spoiler and wings to the front of the car because the customer who has purchased the car wanted them.


This car is now the only one in the world, completely unique, we have further stocks of the Racer that can be modified so please get in touch if you would like more information.


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