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Pocket Classics featured in Top Gear Magazine alongside Ariel Atom and RR Dawn

September 1, 2016


Pocket Classics cars have recently featured in the prestigious Top Gear magazine and on the Top Gear website. Presenter Rory Reid took the Cobra and Racer models for a spin around the test track alongside the Ariel Atom and the Rolls-Royce Dawn in a bid to recapture the fun and emotion so often absent from the modern driving experience.


Reid squeezed himself into our blue and white-striped Cobra model and took the sparky little muscle-car tribute to the track, reaching speeds of up to 45mph. You could be doing the same in your very own customised Cobra. Get started today by visiting our website to see our current stock or customising your own model to bespoke requirements.


After the Cobra, Reid switched his attention to our Racer model. This 1960's sporting tribute can reach speeds of up to 50mph and its unique profile is reminiscent of the Lotus racers of old. You can order and customise your own on our website.


Reid certainly seemed to enjoy his time on the track with Pocket Classics. At the end of the day he concluded, 'I want a car that makes me feel good [...] that's why I want a Pocket Classic'. They 'make me feel completely alive', he added. You could feel the same way too; get started today on our website where you can find our online shop, explore the entire Pocket Classics collection, and see all model customisation options.


You can also read the full article on the Top Gear website here.


Remember, Pocket Classics cars can only be used on private roads and should be driven responsibly. 


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