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Swincar Spider

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Ex-Demo Swincar Spider with approx 150km use total

The one of a kind electric four-wheel drive, zero-emission E-Spider. The versatile off-road vehicle, which is hand-built on an aluminium chassis at SWINCAR’s headquarters in France, has been cleverly designed so that drivers can cross a diverse range of terrain with total freedom. The extreme flexibility of the E-spider means that it is suitable for leisure, agricultural, civilian and military applications.

Each of the car’s four wheels, which house an electric motor, are independently suspended on long articulated spider-like arms to account for the different gradient under each wheel. The E-Spider can travel up and down inclines as steep as 70 degrees, through snow, and across ditches diagonally, all while keeping the driver vertical. This is thanks to the vehicle’s patented architecture which generates a pendulum balance during turns and on slopes.

Powered by a Lithium-iron battery pack, which delivers around four hours of charge and up to 60 miles of driving at a time subject to usage, the E-Spider, which only weighs 200kg, can reach a maximum speed of around 18 mph on a flat surface. Engineered for maximum safety and enjoyment, the car is very simple to manoeuvre. Hydraulically assisted four-wheel steering, and paddle-operated acceleration and braking make operating the E-Spider extremely intuitive and very stable. No gear changes are required.


Technical specification at a glance:

Length: 2.00m

Width: 1.30m

Height: 1.30m

Wheelbase: 1.40m

Ground clearance: 0.22m

Weight with battery pack: 200kg (190kg without)

Running gear: Four-wheel independent suspension, four-wheel drive and steering

Brakes: Hydraulic with 200mm discs

Maximum speed: Around 18mph

Power source: 4kWh Lithium-ion Iron/phosphate LifeP04 battery

Range: Up to 60 miles / four hours of charge per two hour full recharge

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